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Featuring a robust 1HP pump, the Dr. Wellness Cold Series™ ' Cold Solo CS-1 ensures a steady and refreshing water flow. You can adjust the temperature from 104 to 37 degrees Fahrenheit to suit your preferences. The Cold Series™ CS-1 is crafted to blend into any setting, offering a tranquil retreat within the confines of your home. Don't pass up this limited-time offer to bring home your personal wellness companion for just $4299. Treat yourself - Buy now!
The Cold Series™ CS-1 cold tub features 12 therapeutic jets strategically placed to target all your stress areas. This 110V tub offers personalized comfort like no other. The patented Quick Connect Cord makes setup a breeze, while the temperature adjustment mechanism allows you to customize your hydrotherapy session experience from a refreshing 37 degrees to a toasty 104 degrees Fahrenheit. With tranquil pop-up waterfalls, a 1HP pump, and stylish LED mood lighting, every session in the Cold Series™ CS-1 will leave you feeling rejuvenated. No FOMO - Buy now!
The Cold Series™ CS-1's highly efficient 30-square-foot filtration system guarantees the maintenance of crystal-clear water for cold water immersion therapy. Specifically designed for individual relaxation, this spa's therapeutic jets provide a deeply immersive hydrotherapy experience, enveloping you in tranquil solitude.
The Cold Series™ CS-1 is a spacious cold tub model, measuring 92 inches in length, 35 inches in width, and 36 inches in height. Its versatile dimensions allow for easy placement in indoor or outdoor settings. This luxurious cold tub model is expertly designed to provide a comfortable solo hydrotherapy experience, striking the perfect balance between convenience and comfort.
The Dr. Wellness Cold Series™ CS-1 is designed to provide an unparalleled solo hydrotherapy experience. Its single-seat design ensures that you can fully submerge yourself in leisure and relaxation. Let the therapeutic jets work their magic as you indulge in a serene and tranquil atmosphere, soothing away all your aches and pains. Treat yourself! Get yours today!
The Cold Series™ CS-1 is backed by a fantastic warranty that guarantees your satisfaction and peace of mind. You'll enjoy a full year of coverage on all components, ensuring that any concerns are quickly addressed so you can enjoy your cold water therapy experience. Plus, you'll receive 90 days of labor coverage for repairs due to unexpected manufacturing issues. The chiller unit is also supported by a 1-year warranty. Get your own Cold Series™ CS-1 today and experience the countless benefits of cold water therapy. Level up your chill - snag Cold Series™ CS-1 cold tub today!

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Weight 1025 lbs
Dimensions 92×92 × 38 in
Seating 6


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