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Introducing the revolutionary Dr. Wellness Cold Series™ CS-0! Enjoy a dynamic cold water soak every time with its cutting-edge water circulation pump. Revel in crystal-clear, impurity-free water thanks to its advanced 30-square-foot filtration system, adding serenity to your cold tub sessions. Measuring 92x35x36 inches, the Cold Series™ CS-0 cold tub is your ticket to solo pleasure and an escape from the worries of everyday life. And the best part? The Cold Series™ CS-0 is priced at just $3299, offering affordable luxury that's an ideal addition to your home for both savings and relaxation. Get one for yourself today!
Get ready for the finest cold water therapy experience with the Cold Series™ CS-0! This top-of-the-line cold tub model comes packed with the most advanced features, including powerful cooling, a water circulation pump, and a 1HP chiller that maintains a steady temperature as low as 37 degrees. At just $3299, the CS-0 by Dr. Wellness Cold Series™ exudes elegance without compromise, making it the perfect addition to your backyard!
Experience the incredible CS-0 by Cold Series™ with its 110V plug-and-play technology, which provides instant access to soothing warmth. The patent-pending Quick Connect Cord makes installation a breeze, giving you more time to relax and enjoy yourself in the comfort of your home. Level up your wellness—get yours today!
This incredible Cold Series™ CS-0 features a sleek, compact design measuring 92x35x36 inches, perfect for solo cold therapy sessions in any setting. Whether indoors or outdoors, its versatile and adaptable design seamlessly blends with its surroundings, offering unparalleled flexibility. Grab one before they're gone!
The CS-0 by Dr. Wellness Cold Series™ offers a comfortable load capacity for one person, delivering a personalized cold water therapy experience. Whether you seek tranquility or some essential self-care, the Cold Series™ CS-0 cold tub is the perfect destination for embracing wellness. Don't miss out!
The Cold Series™ CS-0 offers an incredible warranty package that guarantees complete peace of mind. Enjoy the security of a 1-year warranty on all components, with quick resolution of any issues to ensure uninterrupted cold water immersion sessions. What's more, benefit from 90 days of labor coverage for repairs from unexpected manufacturing defects. Even the chiller unit is backed by a 1-year warranty, allowing you to indulge in endless comfort and fun with the Cold Series™ CS-0. Score yours today!

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Weight 1025 lbs
Dimensions 92×92 × 38 in
Seating 6


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