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The CS-8 from Dr. Wellness Cold Series™ is designed for up to four people to enjoy hydrotherapy at two different temperatures. It blends elegance and versatility, providing plenty of room for fun afternoons with friends or peaceful times with loved ones. The Cold Series™ CS-8 has dual temperature control and targeted therapy jets – a total of 12 jets in the cold spa and 31 in the hot spa– ensuring individualized relaxation for any mood and occasion. Its advanced circulation pumps, which include a 1HP pump on the cold side and a powerful 6HP pump on the hot side, enable smooth water flow while effortlessly transitioning between cold water therapy and hot water relaxation.
Get ready for the finest hydrotherapy experience with the Cold Series™ CS-8! This incredible spa features an innovative circulation pump with a powerful 1HP pump for the cold side and an impressive 6HP motorized pump for the hot side. You can enjoy a steady flow of water and pure relaxation with the separate jets on each side, providing targeted relief and soothing massage sensations in every session. Get ready to experience pure bliss with Cold Series™ CS-8 by Cold Series!
For an invigorating retreat, the Cold Series™ CS-8, uses a 1HP compressor cooler on the cold side of the unit to cool the water down to a rejuvenating 37 degrees Fahrenheit. You can heat the cold side too in order to create a cozy warm space for the whole fitness spa. Get your spa environment flowing with the added comfort of simulated pop-up waterfalls that hum in perfect melody with the positive effects of hydrotherapy. Create a mood, play around with the color therapy with LED lights, they will provide your cold bath with a calming, atmospheric glow.
This cold spa in the size of 36x36x91 inches perfectly blends in different decorations to bring the benefits of aqua-therapy right to your doorstep home setting.
The Cold Series™ CS-8 is designed to comfortably accommodate up to four people, making it perfect for leisurely hydrotherapy sessions. Its spacious design provides ample room for individuals to relax comfortably with friends and family.
Cold Series™ CS-8 has a full warranty package to enable a client keeps enjoying the product. Enjoy one-year warranty on all parts, including our state-of-the-art chiller. Moreover, you will enjoy 90 days of labor warranty for any unexpected manufacturing defects. Purchase with assurance in the dependability and durability of the Cold Series™ CS-8 model. Buy today!

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Weight 1025 lbs
Dimensions 92×92 × 38 in
Seating 6


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