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The CS-6 from the Dr. Wellness Cold Series™ is your gateway to ultimate relaxation. With this advanced model, up to three people can have the ultimate spa experience at the same time. This makes it ideal for smaller families and friend groups. Moreover, you also have the option for contrast therapy with this option, where you can seamlessly move from hot to cold water in the same spa side by side. Hence, if you are looking for the ultimate relaxation experience, you should opt for the Cold Series™ CS-6 Spa System!
Among other things, the Cold Series™ CS-6's dual-temperature control enables customers to regulate the level of comfort according to their personal preferences. This cold tub is equipped with a robust dual-temp system and transmits thermal jets for a thrilling massage and consciousness drifting experience. Similarly, you will see the cascade of waterfalls, and the LED lights make the spa treat everytime.
The Cold Series™ CS-6 is only fitted with air pumps on the hot side to ensure the water is always moving, and maintains the temperature at the ideal level suitable for the best soaking experience. Featuring 24 cold therapy jets, this cold spa will give an unrivaled hydrotherapy experience designed to attain your wellness objectives. The new CS6 has the power to operate two temperatures at the same time. In this way, one person can use cold water immersion for its therapeutic benefits and another person can have access to hot water. Your comfort gets a boost from a 4kWP heater which is capable of heating the water to a shimmering 104 degrees Fahrenheit and like frost a 1HP chiller which cools the water to a chilling 37 degrees Fahrenheit.
The Cold Series™ CS-6’s dimensions are 82 inches in length, 82 in width, and 36 inches in height, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you prefer to feel rejuvenated by hydrotherapy or like to enjoy relaxing soaks, the Cold Series™ CS-6 gives you the freedom to achieve that!
The Cold Series™ CS-6 cold spa has a generous load capacity, allowing for comfortable relaxation for individuals or multiple users. Whether enjoying a solo hydrotherapy session or sharing the experience with family and friends, the Cold Series™ CS-6 load capacity ensures everyone can fully enjoy its benefits.
The Cold Series™ CS-6 Series of cold tubs comes with a solid warranty for customers to enjoy the product satisfaction and feel relaxed. Prospective customers can benefit from a one-year warranty on all parts. To ensure your spa peace & satisfaction, we’ll tackle any unforeseen issues instantly. Moreover, you will also receive 90 days of free labor repair should faulty manufacturing of unforeseeable nature occur. Furthermore, an additional one-year warranty is provided for the unit. We assure trust in the Cold Series™ CS-6 for superior performance.

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Weight 1025 lbs
Dimensions 92×92 × 38 in
Seating 6


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